• Natasha Cawley Ceramic Art London Cover
  • Natasha Cawley Ceramic Art London Spread
  • Natasha Cawley Ceramic Art London Spread
  • Natasha-Cawley-Ceramic-Art-London-Design-&-Production-2013-cover
  • Natasha-Cawley-Ceramic-Art-London-Design-&-Production-2013-Spread1
  • Natasha-Cawley-Ceramic-Art-London-Design-&-Production-2013-Spread2
  • Natasha-Cawley-Ceramic-Art-London-Design-&-Production-2012-cover
  • Natasha-Cawley-Ceramic-Art-London-Design-&-Production-2012-Spread1
  • Natasha-Cawley-Ceramic-Art-London-Design-&-Production-2012-Spread2

Ceramic Art London – Design and Production

Lead designer for CAL, an annual event held at the Royal College of Art. Responsible for all publicity and marketing material, including adverts for national and international press, leaflets, invites, tickets, e-alerts and banners, the event catalogue, and signage for venue – maintaining brand identity throughout.


Design, Editorial, Production